Kat's Choice

This is the place where I'm going to link to a blog post that moved me. Some made me cry, some made me laugh out loud, some just provoked thought, and some are incredible eye candy.  I will try and update this weekly. But some weeks may have more than 1 link!

Have you met Kim at Blue Heron Cottage? This was one of the best posts I've read. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of my favorite book, but more importantly, it is a wonderful take on why reading is so important. Hope you enjoy!


Here's a new voice that I just discovered a few days ago.  I first came across Not Dark Yet when he reviewed a Rick Bragg book. Yep, another fan! When I read "How Bubba Got His Accent Back" I felt like Charles was speaking what had been in my heart for years.  Give him a read, I think you'll really enjoy this.