Friday, September 11, 2009


On waking this morning, I prepared myself for the onslaught of memorials, pictures and reflections on 9-11. I remember exactly where I was (at work) when the attacks occurred. DH called me at work and told me that a plane had just flown into the World Trade Center. Thinking that it was small private plane, he quickly informed me as to what was really happening. We do not have a television or radio at our clinic, and at the time we did not have internet access. So the entire day was spent grilling clients who came in.
What I remember most clearly from the days, weeks and months that followed this horrific attack is the sense of pride and unity. No one was going to bring this country to it's knees. The sense of thankfulness for our firefighters and police officers who willingly went into the inferno to save lives and bring some semblance of order to chaos. The picture that I remember most clearly from this frantic time was of the thousands of people streaming across the bridge leaving Manhattan, with firefighters and police officers going into the city.
As I sit here with my morning coffee, I wonder what we have really learned from this. What happened to this countries sense of pride and unity? The constant bickering over every little thing, the two political parties acting like a bunch of spoiled schoolchildren. Name calling, mud slinging and ugly, hateful rhetoric spewing from every talk radio station. People, if we cannot pull ourselves together and learn to tolerate each other's differences and opinions, we are letting the terrorists win. Our biggest strength lies in our ability to discuss, work together and learn from each other. Our greatest ally is ourselves! We the People! Not you the democrats and you the republicans and you the "whatever". Our country was formed in response to intolerance and injustice. A place where everyone has the right to change government, just by pulling a little lever. Let's not let our differences tear us apart. Rather, try to remember that it is people from all walks of life, all religious beliefs, all political leanings and all backgrounds that give this country it's strength. It saddens me to think that the only time we can come together as a people and unite in a common cause is when we are under attack.
It is important that we never forget what happened on this fateful day 8 years ago. But it's also important to remember what happened in this great country of ours over 200 years ago. The greatest country on earth, with the greatest system of government on earth, was formed. So while it is important that we fly our flags and wear our lapel pins today, I think it is more important that we keep the flag in our hearts and minds everyday. Make our forefathers proud of what we have become and what we can accomplish. Do not let the terrorists win.


Funny in my mind said...

I agree. For awhile, everyone loved everyone else and we were a team again. It is sad that it takes such a tragedy to remind us and how quickly we forget. Not forget really, just how we go back to the old ways.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Great post my friend...I was just telling my Dh how we are so busy fighting over our views about potlitcs that we are showning our weakness to our ememies...And trust me they are delighted to see us do this...we need to show them we our one nation and strong again I just want to scream when I see all these talk tv showns and tell them to shut up..look at what you are doing...I am flying my colors with much pride as always...May you have a great weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

easternsparkle said...

Hear, hear from across the pond! A day that changed the world like no other.

Dawn said...

Well said!

Amy said...


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Beautifully stated! You nailed it with this!


Sheila :-)

Bill said...

You brought tears to my eyes! What you wrote should be required reading for every American politician ... no, make that every American. Beautifully stated!


Lynn said...


Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

I came to read your post today and when I went back to add a link to it in my post, I saw you had already been there. Yes, we do share the same sentiments and honey, your words nailed it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I honestly believe that there are many others out who feel the same way, just look at the comments that have been left. Our voices are the ones that need to be heard. We are the ones who will not only never forget the events of 9-11, we are the ones who will never forget how we came together as a nation for a time. Isn't that the lesson we should have learned? Isn't that the best way to honor those who lost their lives? Thank you Kathy, for understanding this and sharing it today.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Beautifully stated.. I remember oh so well that day..the memories came back so freshly this morning as if it were yesterday. If we could only unite and come together as we did that fateful day we'd all be in a better place..
hugs ~lynne~

xinex said...

So true, Kathy. I wish people, especially politicians, would always remember that day. After that day is when I saw the whole country really unite but they forget so easily. Thank you for your post, it's a good reminder...Christine

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Love this post, so right you are. Thank you for visiting my blog on Derby and such a beautiful person.

Melissa Miller said...

Great post Kathy. You are so right.
We can never forget.

~Blessings to you my friend, Melissa :)

James said...

Very well said! I wish your words would come true and this country would unite, but I fear the gap between the left and the right is just growing larger.

Oh, how I wish the government and the people would pay more attention to the constitution and the lessons of history.

Calming Scents said...

I cant beleive its been this many just flew by.

Every anniversary of 9-11 brings me back to what I was doing at that time..I'm sure it does for alot of us.

Its weird for me, because all I remember is not hearing any planes for a couple of days...the eeriness was scary.

Sadly, after something like 9-11, people forget things like unity and such. But then again, our country has just been in such discontent now for so long.

Pat said...

Truer words were never spoken and may I add very well spoken. You are very good at the written word! You should run for a political office, I would vote for you in a nano second. Thank you for this post.
Best regards friend,

Eileen said...

I think most Americans are united, it's the government that's fractured, and government is tearing us apart.
I find very little in politics to admire, Republican and Democrat alike, they have let us down big time.
The government's tactics are to divide and conquer. And they have been doing a fine job of that.
Washington DC is a disease and they are tearing us down.
Our government is self-serving, gluttonous, and fear-inducing. I don't believe Washington is about discussing or working together to learn from each other. Washington is about control and power.

Americans are NOT a political party, and I don't think there are too many of us anymore that care to be affiliated with the corruption that thrives in both parties. I feel a change brewing though, I think we are going to have to manage our own transformation, because our political leaders treat us as if we are not here.

I don't care at all for politics. I never have. And I've never put much faith in politicians.
But I do believe in the American people and I think we are in for the battle of our lives. We need to take back control of our own lives. We've done it in the past, it is the very foundation of our country, and I have faith that we can do it again.

All the best,

JennyMac said...

SO well stated. Bravo.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the post...Beautifully said.
Having a fun rainy afternoon blog hopping....enjoyed my visit here.....hope you will visit my new Christmas blog.. There is a great giveaway that I will be drawing for on Oct 1

Jen_from_NJ said...

Beautifully expressed! My area of NJ was greatly affected by 9/11. It is a very emotional day for me.

Lynette said...

Well said - and I have to agree with Gloria. Our enemies are just eating this up right now - doesn't matter if you lean left or right - they are just loving us as a nation fighting amongst ourselves and that in and of itself is almost an insult to the ones that have and are serving this country on a daily basis - OK - I'll stop now!

Tell Cait congrats for making the A-list - not sure what that means exactly - but you said it in a positive way - so I'm assuming that's good, right?

Trying to get a couple of legal issues cleared up then hope to put in the offer on the houses next week - keep your fingers crossed and your toes!

Have a good week -

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wonderful tribute!

I recently did a few blog posts about the Revolutionary War battle that took place where I live in Brooklyn NY and a commemorative to the almost 12,000 new Americans who perished on the prison ships in a New York bay after the battle was lost by the Continental Army. So many Americans know little about this battle and those that sacraficed their lives for it.

Libby Murphy said...

Amen, tell it sister, tell it. You are so right.
Happy Twirls

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kathy, this was an excellent post! I totally agree with everything you said but you put it into words much better than I could have! Great job! laurie

DesignTies said...

I visited my cousin this past weekend when we were in Nova Scotia. We tried to remember the last time we'd seen each other, and decided it must have been at her mom's funeral about 12 years ago.

Why is it that people only seem to really come together when bad things happen?? You're so right, we need to come together when things are going well too!!

Thanks for visiting my 9/11 post. There were so many eery coincidences for me on Friday!!