Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rewind Wednesday/Pet Parade - Our Little Fur Person

It's hump day! Time for another blast from the past so graciously hosted by Kelly and Victoria at This fun weekly event lets us repost something from our archives, allowing us more time for gardening, decorating, putting our head in the freezer to escape the heat - you get the picture! If you haven't been to visit these gals, you really should. They have a fantastic blog chock full of great decorating and great humor! And since this post is about our little fur person, I'm also linking to Gayle's Pet Parade at Be sure to stop by and visit all the pets being shown off. Everyone loves a parade, right? This post originally appeared in February. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the queen of our house, Sax the Cat!

This weeks theme is "Furry Friends, Real and Faux". I know she looks stuffed in this picture (the cat silly), but our little Sax is very real indeed. When our daughter was in high school, she worked part time at the veterinary practice that I manage. We had lost our 3 dogs and 2 cats within 2 years, and just could not bring ourselves to get another. DH and I thought that it would be best to hold off on any pets with Cait getting ready to go to college. It's a big responsibility to care for one of these little creatures, and we assumed (and we were right!) that we might be taking alot of weekend trips for football games, recitals and the like. One day, Cait came home from work and was acting rather odd. I asked how her shift went, and she would not turn to look at me. It was February and she had on a heavy coat. As she turned to go to her room, I saw a little fuzzy head pop out of her jacket! "But Mom," she pleaded. "She was laying in a rain puddle next to the dumpster at work, I couldn't just leave her there" Of course, at this point we had not had a dog or cat in the house for over 2 years. So, we had no cat food, litter, litter pan, or any of the kitty "necessities" I also did not want to get attached to a stray cat that had not been checked out first. So I told Cait to take her up to the clinic and put her in the isolation room, and I would have one of the Doctors check her the next day. If she got a clean bill of health, and Cait purchased the basic cat necessities, we would keep her on a trial basis. The next day, Dr. Webster checked her over well, tested her for all the nasty kitty viruses that are out there, vaccinated her and gave us the thumbs up to take her home. We also discovered that she had a spay scar and was declawed! Sax has turned out to be the best cat we have ever had. She is very social and loves nothing better than laying in our lap or on our chest, attempting to con us into a nap! Turns out napping is the thing she does best, she is the QUEEN of naps! I have read that the average house cat spends 13-18 hours a day sleeping, I think she is trying to beat that average.
This is her "pout pose" when I remove her from my lap to use the computer! DH says I bought the new sofa because it matched the cat - hey at least the hair doesn't show as badly!
This is Sax pretending not to be asleep - she's just "resting her eyes"
She likes to hide around the corner and pounce on your leg when you come through - she thinks you can't see her!
Staring out the window at her neighborhood boyfriend - Romeo, oh Romeo! She's not allowed outside, daddy is very protective, and remember, she's been declawed. Besides, we have some wicked mockingbirds in our yard! And please, please, please forgive the holy mess in this room - this is Cait's room (I promise you Barney purple was not my idea) and until we redo this room it has become a storage shed! Notice the unframed art on the chair? The glass table top leaning against the window? You should see the other side of the room, or no, maybe you shouldn't.
This is Sax saying so long, it was nice to visit, but she needs her beauty sleep! I hope you enjoyed meeting our little fur person. Please remember that stray and shelter pets need a home too, and they usually make the very best pets. It's almost as if they understand that you saved their lives, and the unconditional love and patience they offer is beyond compare!


Blondie's Journal said...

I love stories like these, Kathy. I think we save pets and they save us. Sax is such a pretty cat!! I have never seen those colors before!! She looks enormous lying on Cait, but then very small in the rest of the pics. But she definitely has that "reigning queen" look!!

If I had your job I would prbobably have 20 pets...but I suppose after losing those you mentioned in such a short span of time, it must be more sensible to keep a grip on your heart.

In any case, I adore Sax, and totally agree, check out those shelters, these guys all want and need homes!! Great post!


DesignTies said...

I totally agree, abandoned pets make the best pets. I really believe they know and appreciate that you've given them a second chance to have a loving home. I'm sure that's what Squirt was thinking last week when she left a pair of my underwear at the front door!! ;-)

Sax looks and sounds like a real sweetheart :-) Aren't you happy Cait rescued her from behind the dumpster?? :-)

Thanks for participating in Rewind Wednesday. I really enjoyed reading about Sax :-)


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What a personality Sax has! It came through loud and clear in your photos. We've been there and done that -- said we weren't going to have another pet after losing one, but we ALWAYS end up with at least one more, and I wouldn't have it any other way. laurie

elk said...

sax is so regal ~and definitely has the right attitude...happy to have you in the parade!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Sax is a little princess I doth believe. Isn't she pretty? I mean Mom she couldn't leave her out in the rain by the dumpster. Don't they just tear at our heartstrings? She is beautiful and ofcourse so is your daughter. God Bless her. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story. Being a pet lover, you will love my post today. Stop by and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

What a great story of how Sax became your pet! She is a beautiful cat and I love that she thinks she's hiding when she prepares to pounce on you! Thank you for joining the Pet Parade!

vchelle said...

Such cute photos! I didn't expect to see the nap photo but I had a big kool-aid smile when I saw it. And love the one with Sax peeking around the corner! Thanks for visiting!

Bill said...

What a wonderful story! Sax is beautiful, and she's obviously found the best home any kitty could have. You also reminded us how important it is to teach children lessons about responsibility and pet ownership (and that adults need to remember not to fall in love with a stray animal until we know what we're getting into, healthwise, etc.).

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the fun comment. Hope you enjoy your mojito!

bye for now,

Lori said...

I remember that post... I still love the picture...

Oh Demi Lovato is on the Disney Channel.. somewhat like Miley Cyres (Hannah Montana) but not a big... Demi was on Barney...

DesignTies said...

Awwww, sorry you didn't win the painting, Kathy :-( Jubilation is a really good name for it. But don't give up hope -- we might have another Matt painting giveaway in a few months :-)

In the meantime, have you thought about taking a shot at painting your own canvas?? :-)


xinex said...

I remember when you posted this, Kathy. Your kitty is such a cutie...Christine

Lori E said...

Awww. I love cats, I love dogs.
Our kitty lived to be 18. Our lab is now 12. I gotta say when she is gone there will be no more animals at our house much as I have loved them.
Between kids and pets I don't want to take care of anything any more.
Selfish I know.

SE'LAH... said...

Sax is sooooo cute.

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Do feel free to stop in at any time.

enjoy your weekend.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hey Kathy - what a sweet story. Those unexpected pets are usually the best and she's a beautiful kitty, too. Does Cait miss her? No - we didn't get rain except for a sprinkle on Thursday. We moved our Blue Hills store this weekend to Gruene Flea Antique Mall and oh my gosh it isn't a/c'd yet. Five hours of working there today in the heat and I am whipped! Pray for rain. xoxo Nancy

prof en retraite said...

Hi Kat! How fun to see Sax up close and personal again! The fact that she's a tortie tells you a lot about her personality already! lol No wonder she's the Queen! Give her a hug from me and my staff!!...Debbie

Melissa Miller said...

I remember this awesome post about Sax and I still love reading it! Sax is so beautiful. Chestnut says "HI"!

Thank you very much for your sweet B-day wishes and kind visit! You're the best my friend. :)